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How to develop a good understanding of the colour scheme for a painting?

 How to develop a good understanding of the colour scheme for a painting?

Artworks by Artist M K Quadri | Tree painting by M K QUADRI

A good colour scheme or selection of appropriate colours for a painting is a crucial aspect of creating art. It develops over a period of time. A Colour scheme means mixing and matching colours that look good in a painting composition. In the process of developing colour sense, your environment and surroundings matter a lot. Even the geographical location and climate matter. Your way of seeing reflects in your work. So keep seeing things artistically.

 Your art journey depends on how you see things. What is your visual experience? How many artworks you have seen in your entire life? As much as you see art, your own works keep changing and developing.  You practice art; your colour sense will develop and your viewer will get connected with your art. They will find their emotions in your art.

The colours are nothing in the absence of light. The colour is a property of light. So play with light and shade effects. Try different tonal variations or a range of single colours in your compositions. Gradually, you will start applying very mature colours to your painting. Then you will not like just primary colours, but you will start playing with many more shades like tertiary colours. Even you will start liking monochromatic paintings as well. Practice in all the mediums and try to know which medium suits best to you. Then stick with that medium and do a number of artworks. Get your artworks reviewed by your teacher and peers. Select your subject of the painting as well and do more and more works on that particular theme. Do not keep switching your theme frequently which will affect in order to develop of your audience and branding. Make a series of painting on that particular subject matter and explore all the aspects of that theme. In a way, you can make a difference as an art student. If you have any queries feel free to comment below, I would be very happy to answer your question.


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