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अपने काम में फोकस्ड या यकाग्र कैसे रहें?

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आदतें क्या हैं ? आदतों को कैसे बदलें ?

  आदतें क्या हैं ? आदतों को कैसे बदलें ?  आदत अच्छी हो या बुरी हो, वोह एक आदत ही है. वोह एक बटन की तरह है जिसे तुम्हारे अंदर कोई दबाता है. और तुम वही करने लग जाते हो.  मतलब आप अपनी आदतों के मालिक नही हो. कोई आप से करवाए जा रहा है, और आप मशीन की तरह बस करते ही जा रहे हो.  सिगरेट पीने की तलब लगी और सिगरेट सुलगा लिया, जबकि मालूम है सिगरेट नुकसान ही करेगी.  टाइम पढने का है,  कुछ प्रोडक्टिव काम करने का  है और आप मोबाइल पर लगे हो, जबकि आपको मालूम है आप बहुत ही क़ीमती वक़्त ज़ाया कर रहे हो. कोई तुम्हारे अंदर ग़लत बटन दबाये जा रहा है और तुम कुछ नही कर पा रहे हो. इसे ख़ुद की  ग़ुलामी कहते हैं, यह एक पिंजरा है, आदतों का पिंजरा है.  आदत अच्छी हो या बुरी, पिंजरा सोने का हो या लोहे का, क्या फ़र्क पड़ता है. पिंजरा एक पिंजरा है. और आप उसके मालिक नहीं हो. आदतों को अपने मुताबिक करना होगा. तुम्हें अपने-आपका मालिक बनना होगा. आदतों अपने मुताबिक़ कैसे करना है? इसी सवाल का जवाब मैं आगे दूंगा.   इसलिए आपको और आपके दिमाक को इस ब्लॉग के साथ रुकना होगा, न की उस अपनी पुरानी आदत की तरह जिसमें आप सिर्फ़ एक ब्लॉग से दूसरी ब्

Good Governance and Corporate Responsibility

  Good Governance and Corporate Responsibility   Good governance is a way of measuring how public institutions carry out public activities. Manage public resources with the idea of social and environmental welfare. A government must guarantee the fulfilment of human rights in a way that is free from abuse and corruption and with respect for the rule of law. According to the UN definition of good governance, it has significant following characteristics: ·          Participatory allowing everyone in a particular society, organization, team, etc. to give their opinion and to help make decisions in different spheres of like and inclusive development goals. ·          Consensus-oriented, in a diverse citizenry, people’s needs vary. It should be demonstrated by an agenda that seeks to mediate between the many different requirements, perspectives and expectations. Decisions need to be made in a manner that reflects a deep understanding of the historical, cultural, social, national and

What is the difference between Art and Craft?

  What is the difference between Art and Craft?  First of all, how do you define art? Most people do not understand the difference between artwork and craftwork. Art means something new and modern. and a work of craft means something executed skillfully but not original. Crafts works many copies you can get at a very low price. but a work of art, there will be a single copy (masterpiece) only and it will be expensive in comparison to craft work. It means a piece of art which has some unique elements and it is rare in the market. An artwork which gives viewers a different visual experience. An artwork which has been executed very skilled way. but it has some unique qualities as well and it is original, Not copied from another piece of art. An art learner goes through many images, artworks of great masters, and peer groups. It enriches his visual memory and develops an imagination power. What is meant by a fine arts student or art learner? An art student’ means one who likes seei

How to develop a good understanding of the colour scheme for a painting?

  How to develop a good understanding of the colour scheme for a painting? A good colour scheme or selection of appropriate colours for a painting is a crucial aspect of creating art. It develops over a period of time. A Colour scheme means mixing and matching colours that look good in a painting composition. In the process of developing colour sense, your environment and surroundings matter a lot. Even the geographical location and climate matter. Your way of seeing reflects in your work. So keep seeing things artistically.  Your art journey depends on how you see things. What is your visual experience? How many artworks you have seen in your entire life? As much as you see art, your own works keep changing and developing.  You practice art; your colour sense will develop and your viewer will get connected with your art. They will find their emotions in your art. The colours are nothing in the absence of light. The colour is a property of light. So play with light and shade effe

How to know best selling theme of art, especially for painting.

How to paint the best-selling theme of art? Artist often wonders and researches a lot to decide the theme of their painting series. Here we would find out what is the best-selling theme of art? Not only do themes of art matter in order to get sales but also the medium and size of the painting matter. Here our focus is on knowing about Painting. In order to decide the theme of the painting, the artist has to know his target audience to sell art. So here the question arises How to know my target audience to sell my art?  Artwork is a luxury item. The artist’s target audience is limited to the upper-middle to very rich people. As you know interior designers, home renovation contractors and art galleries also buy paintings. Which type of painting do most buyers prefer to buy? Most of the buyers want paintings to decorate their empty walls. The common man hardly knows about contemporary art and the history of art. Ordinary buyers simply need a painting which is fit for their drawing roo

How to use time effectively?

How to use time effectively? Use of time with full awareness leads to a successful life. Take instant actions rather than thinking about the work again and again. Actions will give you faster results. Set a goal and divide it into small steps. At a time, focus on one step only. This way you can finish your work before the deadline. It will boost your confidence and will. Don't let vanish from your consciousness that Time is immensely precious. Avoid your indulgence which distracts you from your goal. Enlist all your distractions and get rid of them. All aspects of life are important. Do everything which makes you happy. But it should be time-bound. Prioritize your work and make a to-do list. Spending time with family and friends is very important for a holistic life. But you cannot spend a whole day with friends and do nothing.  Always take a break after an intensive work slot. Use your time with full awareness. Know yourself and get control of yourself so that no one can distract