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How do you learn anything faster?

  How do you learn anything faster?   This blog is for students of all ages and all stages. This is for parents that want to help students. If you're going for your MBA, you're in medical school or your student of life. You have to prepare for a meeting a sales call. You need to absorb a lot of information in a very short period of time, so questions arise about how to do it?   How would I approach studying new material in a short period of time?   Now, we know that there's a difference between studying to remember and cramming to forget. if you've ever crammed information in your mind. You don't take any breaks, you pull an all-nighter. You don't sleep. And you just the next morning. Nobody could talk to you. Because you don't want anything to slip out during breakfast.  Because you have to save it all inside because you can't wait to take the test. And when you take the test, you don't know if you know the answers are not. And but when you're d

How to earn money through painting?

How to earn money through painting? In this article, we’ll talk about how to sell artwork. Plus, what are the important points to keep in mind while creating a painting for sale purposes?   If you are a regular practising artist and you have a huge collection of your artworks. It is time to sell these artworks. You are living in the era of cut-throat competition. I know it sounds terrible, but being a good artist and creating awesome paintings are not enough. One artist should be a good salesman also. You have to think about promoting your artworks on different platforms.   How do promote artworks to get the largest sales?   The promotion should be on a regular basis on social media platforms. I know you are aware of the most famous social media platforms. You must visit art exhibitions running in different art galleries and art museums. In art seminars and exhibitions, artists interact with contemporary artists and art collectors. It enriches your knowledge and people start recognisin