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What is the difference between Art and Craft?

 What is the difference between Art and Craft? 

Oil Pastel Paintings by Artist Mohammad Kamaal Quadri or M K Quadri

First of all, how do you define art? Most people do not understand the difference between artwork and craftwork. Art means something new and modern. and a work of craft means something executed skillfully but not original. Crafts works many copies you can get at a very low price. but a work of art, there will be a single copy (masterpiece) only and it will be expensive in comparison to craft work. It means a piece of art which has some unique elements and it is rare in the market.

An artwork which gives viewers a different visual experience. An artwork which has been executed very skilled way. but it has some unique qualities as well and it is original, Not copied from another piece of art. An art learner goes through many images, artworks of great masters, and peer groups. It enriches his visual memory and develops an imagination power.

What is meant by a fine arts student or art learner?

An art student’ means one who likes seeing and converting those observations and feelings into a visual art form. it can be any form of art like painting, sculpture and architecture. By seeing and practising; artists develop their own art world. That’s why an artist does not like repeating himself. Because he has a lot to say and convey to his audience but a craftsman keeps repeating his piece of work. Most of the time they re-make the same piece.

Why are paintings so expensive?

Craftsman’s works are not as expensive as artists’ works because an artist creates only master copy and do not repeat them. To such a practitioner, we cannot call an artist. Artwork is a masterpiece it means no second copy of that art is available in the world. So here a question arises,

What is craft work called?

Craft is something which has been done very skillfully but a drawback is there. craftsman produces many copies of that particular craftwork. It might be any form of visual art like painting, sculpture and design. Making replicas is allowed in the craft. A craftsman should be very skilful in his style of craft. A craftsman gets appreciation for his skillfulness, not for his unique subject matter and creativity. Most craftsmen consider themselves an artist. And they address themselves as an artist but they are not an artist. Being an artist some originality is needed. An artist has to contribute something to the world of art with his idea and practice of art.

What are the benefits of making crafts? What is the purpose of art?

The aim of making craftwork is decoration and showcasing a certain set of skills. Craftwork skills help in many ways. It adds value to the place where you live. Decorated and beautiful things very everyone likes and appreciates. It reduces your anxiety and gives calm feelings. But if we talk about art, the purpose of art cannot be only decoration and exhibition. Some artists like to raise questions through their artworks. They showcase some social, environmental and political issues. Artists normally do not follow stereotypes he surprises people which their creation. You can see some modern artists’ paintings. If you have any queries related to this article ask me in the comment section. 


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