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How to know best selling theme of art, especially for painting.

How to paint the best-selling theme of art?

Realistic Painting, Elephat painting by M K Quadri
Artist often wonders and researches a lot to decide the theme of their painting series. Here we would find out what is the best-selling theme of art? Not only do themes of art matter in order to get sales but also the medium and size of the painting matter. Here our focus is on knowing about Painting. In order to decide the theme of the painting, the artist has to know his target audience to sell art. So here the question arises How to know my target audience to sell my art?  Artwork is a luxury item. The artist’s target audience is limited to the upper-middle to very rich people. As you know interior designers, home renovation contractors and art galleries also buy paintings.

Which type of painting do most buyers prefer to buy?

Most of the buyers want paintings to decorate their empty walls. The common man hardly knows about contemporary art and the history of art. Ordinary buyers simply need a painting which is fit for their drawing room and bedrooms therefore they need beautiful paintings. A painting which suits their interior design.  Art collectors who really know about the art are very less in number. And such audiences are very rare so don’t target them otherwise you cannot make money. As per my observation, such a highly art-educated audience should not be your target audience if you want to sell your art and earn money. Target the mass audience to earn handsome money from your art. Do not be so rigid with your art style and way of making paintings. Offer your buyers customized paintings also. Do commission work as well. You see Indian art buyers; always prefer to buy Buddha’s paintings. Buddha Painting is an all-time best-selling theme in the Indian market as well as other places. Hindu God and Goddess painting is an evergreen topic to make good money for an artist. This article is to show you a path but you do proper research and understand the buyer’s selection of art. Visit all the leading websites and search for their sold artworks and best-selling artists’ artworks. Develop your art style based on your research.

How to choose a successful painting theme?

Choosing a successful art theme is key to a successful artist career.  Know your buyers, if you want to sell your artworks to a Muslim audience you should know they don’t buy any figurative paintings or nude paintings. They basically prefer nature paintings, like Landscape paintings, Flowers paintings, Architectural paintings and so on. Even they like Abstract paintings as well.

You can see most abstract works of art have no recognizable form and shapes or includes anything external, individual viewers can interpret an abstract painting in their own way, so it makes sense that abstract paintings are always top sellers in the art market. The best-selling theme of art is the one that connects with the most people. It can be a beautiful landscape, an emotionally powerful portrait, or a still life painting. Whatever the subject matter, the best-selling paintings are those that speak to the viewer on a personal level.

Which colour painting is the best-selling?

An artwork with tones of red paint, we see the audience has attached many emotions, It’s a warm colour and viewers can get attached easily. it represents many types of feelings; I can say that Red colour painting is best in demand. You can try to paint your next series with a different shade of red paint. The second colour which is high in sales is Blue colours and shade of blue and cool colours family. Although all the colours and shades are important above-mentioned colours of painting attract much more audience buyers than other colour colours painting.

How to decide the style of the painting which can be sold quickly?

As per my research, observation and discussion with many artists - Semi Realistic paintings, to be specific the Impression style of landscape painting, Flowers with vase paintings, and semi-abstract paintings are high in demand. If you want to sell your art, you have to paint regularly. You have to be consistent in order to attract your buyer. Keep posting your artwork on social media platforms. Keep seeing and learning from your peer artist. Visit art galleries from time to time. Gift your quick paintings to your friends and colleagues. Built your audience and you will get your sales. Follow me on Instagram @artmkq


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